Policies, Procedures, Good Practice and Factsheets

Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS) have made a number of generic policies available for our service users, member organisations and the general public to view/download on this website. We hope these policies will help you to have a benchmark when you develop your own policies.

Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS) Policies available for download below:

We do have a range of other policies available, so if you are working on developing your own policy, please email: r.kurn@southamptonvs.org.uk  We may be able to help you with a framework for your policy or provide you with a copy of our internal policies, that we do not make available on our website.

Factsheets and Policies


Best Practice Volunteering and Covid-19:


Covid-19-Good Practice Guide to Involving Volunteers--


Supporting Charities and Volunteers during Covid-19: 



Using_Money_Safely_Guide_Local Organisations_&_Force_to_Isolated_Covid-19

Keeping_everyone_safe_updated_4th_April_guide for informal community groups


Volunteer Roles and Risk Assessment Samples in times of COVID: 

Telephone Befriender:

Telephone_Befriender_-Risk_Assessment Telephone_Befriending_during_COVID-19


Prescription Delivery Volunteer:



Dog Walking Volunteer:




Volunteer Recruitment:
Finding Volunteers
Inspiring Volunteers - A Guide to Recruitment
Volunteer Friendly Language


Legal Issues and Volunteering:
Avoiding Creating Employment Contracts
Data Protection
Visas and Volunteering


Retaining Volunteers:
Monitoring and Evaluating Volunteer Performance
Problem Solving Procedures
Saying Thank you to Volunteers


Caring for Volunteers:
Health and Safety for Volunteers
Insurance for Volunteers
Volunteers and Stress


Systems and Procedures:
A Guide to Volunteering Policies
Screening Volunteers
Universal Credit and Volunteering
Volunteer Drivers
Volunteer Handbook
Volunteering and Benefits
Volunteering Expenses


Southampton Voluntary Services Forms & Fact Sheets 
Volunteer Interest Form
Volunteer Needs Evaluation Form
Volunteer Recruitment Ideas
Online Volunteer Recruitment Advert Tips
Retaining Volunteers - New Responsibility Tips


Volunteer Recruitment

Lifting of Coronavirus restrictions advice from NCVO

Following an event hosted by NCVO on 29th July, please see below some of examples of how other organisations have been responding to the lifting of covid restrictions.  Event slides and discussions are also included.


Lifting of coronavirus restrictions event PPT

Returning to Volunteering - July 2021

Volunteering and COVID guidance template - 30 July 2021

Breakout group discussions

Coronavirus Vaccine Policy

Lifting of coronavirus restrictions event PPT