Policies, Procedures, Good Practice and Factsheets

Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS) have made a number of generic policies available for our service users, member organisations and the general public to view/download on this website. We hope these policies will help you to have a benchmark when you develop your own policies.

Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS) Policies available for download below:

We do have a range of other policies available, so if you are working on developing your own policy, please email: r.kurn@southamptonvs.org.uk  We may be able to help you with a framework for your policy or provide you with a copy of our internal policies, that we do not make available on our website.

Factsheets and Policies


Best Practice Volunteering and Covid-19:


Covid-19-Good Practice Guide to Involving Volunteers--


Supporting Charities and Volunteers during Covid-19: 



Using_Money_Safely_Guide_Local Organisations_&_Force_to_Isolated_Covid-19

Keeping_everyone_safe_updated_4th_April_guide for informal community groups


Volunteer Roles and Risk Assessment Samples in times of COVID: 

Telephone Befriender:

Telephone_Befriender_-Risk_Assessment Telephone_Befriending_during_COVID-19


Prescription Delivery Volunteer:



Dog Walking Volunteer:




Volunteer Recruitment:
Finding Volunteers
Inspiring Volunteers - A Guide to Recruitment
Volunteer Friendly Language


Legal Issues and Volunteering:
Avoiding Creating Employment Contracts
Data Protection
Visas and Volunteering


Retaining Volunteers:
Monitoring and Evaluating Volunteer Performance
Problem Solving Procedures
Saying Thank you to Volunteers


Caring for Volunteers:
Health and Safety for Volunteers
Insurance for Volunteers
Volunteers and Stress


Systems and Procedures:
A Guide to Volunteering Policies
Screening Volunteers
Universal Credit and Volunteering
Volunteer Drivers
Volunteer Handbook
Volunteering and Benefits
Volunteering Expenses


Southampton Voluntary Services Forms & Fact Sheets 
Volunteer Interest Form
Volunteer Needs Evaluation Form
Volunteer Recruitment Ideas
Online Volunteer Recruitment Advert Tips
Retaining Volunteers - New Responsibility Tips


Volunteer Recruitment