Register an opportunity

If you represent an organisation that involves volunteers in delivering services or running your organisation, you will probably need to recruit volunteers on a regular basis.

Register your organisation
If you are not already registered with your local volunteer centre, we recommend that you register with one of us. Fill in an organisation registration form and email to us at

Register your opportunity
You will need to fill in a Volunteer Opportunity Registration form for each volunteer opportunity that you would like us to promote. We will promote it throughout Southampton - using a variety of different methods, on our own dedicated Opportunities page on the SVS website, our newsletter, facebook, twitter, at events and volunteer drop-ins, 1-2-1's and outreach.

Christmas Volunteering
Don't forget to let us know about your opportunities over the Christmas Period - It's never to early! Use our special Christmas Form for this!

Tell us what you want when you fill in the form.

Return your forms by email to or post to Volunteer Development Team, Voluntary Action Centre, Kingsland Square, St Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NW.

You can also find out how we can help your organisation with different support from policy & procedure, advice and information and not to forget our Volunteer Coordinators Forum.