The Volunteer Certificate Scheme

What is it?

 Founded in 1991 by Southampton Voluntary Services, in partnership with Southampton City Council’s Training and Employment Initiatives, the Volunteer Certificate Scheme is an annual award presented by the Mayor of Southampton to those volunteers who have completed at least 100 hours of high standard voluntary work.

The aim of the scheme is to recognise the value of volunteering to improving life in Southampton and highlight the role that it can play in personal and career development. This formal recognition of the work assists particularly those seeking paid work or further education opportunities. It is also a way of thanking volunteers who have done exceptionally well and have shown a great commitment.

Due to its success, the scheme has been adopted by Volunteering Development Agencies, Councils of Community Service and voluntary organisations on a national scale.

In December 2017, over 30 volunteers were presented their certificate by the Mayor of Southampton!

How do I take part?

  • To be nominated for an award, you must have given at least 100 hours of high quality volunteering time.
  • An organisation wishing to nominate a volunteer for an award need to demonstrate best practice and be members of Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS).
  • Organisations can nominate a volunteer by identifying areas in which the volunteer has worked well. This will be clearly shown in the accompanying task description and reference, which will act as a record of achievement for the volunteer.