Reduction Plan for the Serious Sexual Offences

Posted: November 22, 2017
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As part of the Reduction Plan for the Serious Sexual Offences Group, please find attached information that the police will be promoting in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year.   I would appreciate it if you would circulate to your partners.

This scheme is designed to educate and raise awareness, hopefully leading to a reduction in the number of sexual assaults that are committed during the Night Time Economy. It is also the intention to promote more reporting of unacceptable behaviour – we know that clubs have medical rooms and staff do welfare checks around venues, but we want to get staff (and clubbers) to look out for the type of behaviour that could be a precursor to more serious offending, too. We’ve devised a series of posters and information for venues/staff – that will be given out by police. The approach is that there are posters to notify help is available, advice for staff on how to deal with complainants, factual information of what rape is and when drunken sex becomes rape.

Posters will be distributed in many outlets including universities, colleges and licensed venues.  I would be grateful if you would promote the messages attached and circulate to your networks.

This scheme has already been implemented in Portsmouth for Freshers Week, with all the bars and clubs, Portsmouth University and Portsmouth City Council working in partnership with Hampshire Police. It was very well received; evaluation is ongoing as to its success.

Kind Regards,


Alison Heydari BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE, MCMI

Superintendent, Southampton

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