Working Together to tackle Street Homelessness in Southampton

We are pleased to have supported the launch of a new website to help tackle street homelessness in the city – The website gives organisations and individuals the opportunity to get help or to give help. If you’re involved in supporting those who are homeless, please consider uploading current needs onto the website.

The multiagency steering group following on from the 2 Beds ,Begging and Business local conversation events  has also drafted a Southampton Rough Sleeping and Begging Charter – If you could support the vision and values of this charter, please join the partnership and consider what you could pledge to help tackle homelessness in the city.

The next in the series of  Beds, Begging and Business events will take place on Monday September 24 starting at 4pm.

This meeting will be an opportunity for organisations and individuals to sign up to the new Southampton Charter on Rough Sleeping and Begging with a photo opportunity at 4.30pm. The event is timed to remember the impact of Ellen Wren’s death on social housing in the city. To find out more visit the eventbrite page for the conference. This event is free, however please book using the eventbrite link so we know in advance the numbers attending.  We look forward to seeing you there but if you are unable to attend but would like to know more please feel free to contact Jo Ash at SVS who is part of the local steering group  – contact :

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