Unity Arts launch Chinese seen

Opens on Sunday 4th February at 2pm until 16th February  2018

Unity Arts invites you to look upon the Chinese face of the United Kingdom.

An exhibition of the work of local photographer George Ping takes you into the Chinese Community of the South Coast and London spanning the early 80’s through to the present day.

“Chinese Seen” is there for you to enjoy at Unity Arts, 107 St. Mary’s Road, Southampton  to coincide with The Chinese New Year on the 16th February.

Open daily from 10am to 7pm, make sure you catch the enlightening images of  “Chinese Seen”…only  at Unity Arts. “



The exhibition is presented by local photographer George Ping to coincide with the festival of the Chinese New Year (16th Feb).

The photographs show various aspects of the Chinese community.  They were taken in London and the South Coast and span a period from the early 1980s through to the present day.

The images are presented on laminate board, picture frames and TV screen slide show.

George hopes this exhibition will be a starting point for further documentation which he hopes will encourage more awareness and interest in the Chinese community.

About the artist.

GEORGE PING was born in Southampton in 1961 to parents from Guang Zhou province, South China.  His interest in photography began from a very young age and developed into adulthood.  With a strong desire to document the many faces of the local Chinese community, his work depicts the changing generation of the Chinese in the UK.

For many years George worked in the family business: a Chinese takeaway in Hythe.  However, due to this health, his career at the takeaway ended which allowed him more time to focus on his photography.  As a result, his works have been presented in various magazines including English-Chinese bilingual “SIYU”, Local Listings “Due South” and PENTAX.

He has held multiple exhibitions around Southampton and hopes to take his collection further afield.


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