The Friday Introduction to Social Enterprise Development course link

This is the Friday course link

We are running a workshop on Social Enterprise development for people working in community development, economic development, public service delivery, the management of charitable and enabling organisations or referral / networking / navigator roles .

The intense 2 hour course provides an insight into Social Enterprise, providing a basic typology, an understanding of what social enterprise approaches fit with what needs and opportunities, the development process and its environment: sources of advice, support, training, funding, investment, etc. for yourselves, your communities and for your clients.

Dates, Times, Location
Thursday 26th March 2020 2.00 p.m. til 4.00 p.m.
Friday 27th. March 2020 10.00 a.m til 12.00 p.m.
both at
Voluntary Action Centre, Kingsland Square, St Mary St., Southampton SO14 1NW

Learning Objectives
At the end of the session you will be able to:
Recognise when a group might appropriately pursue their objectives through a social enterprise approach
Understand and describe the development process they might expect to undertake
Be able to signpost appropriate expertise and resources

Session Plan
00:00 Start Time, Welcome and Introductions
00:10 Presentation and Discussion: Recognising potential Social Enterprises or social enterprise opportunities
00.40 Group Exercise:  test cases – are these social enterprise opportunities
01.00 Presentation and Discussion: The Development Journey
01.30 Group Exercise: test cases – what support will they need, where might they find it
01.50 Review, Questions, How to get expert support for your own role

Cost: Provided free at the point of delivery under an initiative funded by Southampton City Council.

Added Value: Participants will be able to draw down further free support by email response from our team to queries and onward referral to specialists where appropriate.

The Provider
Chris Funnell, Co-operative Assistance Network Limited

Chris has served more than thirty continuous years of training and consultancy in the co-operative sector. He has assisted in the formation and legal registration of hundreds of co-ops (startups, spinouts, buyouts and conversions), troubleshooting countless governance problems and designed programmes for growth and systems development.
He became a founder member of CAN in 1989 and has worked on their behalf with two hundred and thirty client co-operatives and social enterprises. He has focused on the empowerment of other workers in the field, developing the Co-operative Development Worker Toolkit comprising such tools as the Governance Audit Tool and The Development Needs Analysis, He has also been a founder-member of a Credit Union, a Housing Co-operative, a Community Co-operative and a Co-operative Consortium.
He has worked as part of the teams that developed and piloted much of the “industry standard” training for the co-operative and social enterprise sectors from the BTEC accredited Co-operative Certificate in Business Administration (CCBA), the Cork University Certificate in Social Enterprise Employee Development (SEED) and the Open College Network  accredited Social Enterprise Start-Up Programme (SESUP) and Co-operative and Social Enterprise Development Worker Training (CASEDWT). He has worked in delivery teams on delivery of fifty-six iterations of these courses and more than a hundred deliveries of short-form variants, extracted workshops etc., gaining from the feedback and suggestions from thousands of participants along the way.
His qualifications include an Honours degree in Politics from Sussex University, a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies – Human Resources (with Distinction) from the Anglian Regional Management Centre, North London University and the Certificate in Management (Social Enterprise) from the (then) University of the South Bank.

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