St.Mark’s and Peartree Church Parish Office Coordinator

St.Mark’s and Peartree Church Parish Office Coordinator


Application closing date – October 22nd 2018

Please use the accompanying Application Form.


The Anglican Churches of St.Mark’s, Woolston and Peartree, Southampton, which share a priest, have established a new parish office in the Woolston Institute building, Victoria Road, Woolston SO19 9DY. The office has initially been staffed 2 hours per week by volunteers, including the Parish Administrator. We are creating a new Parish Office Coordinator role, based at the office in Woolston initially working 4 hours per week, split over two days, (maybe increasing to 6 medium term) to continue the setting up of the office, carry out administration, coordinate and cooperate with volunteers, and to be a personal contact between callers and the Churches.

The parish office is located close to bus services which link Woolston to the City Centre.

We are looking for a person who is prepared to provide these hours of work on a self-employed basis.

Our vision for the parish office is for it to be a place where administration can take place, and a drop-in point and focus for communication and information.

Job Specification

Provide administrative support to the Vicar/ Leadership Team, particularly for tasks which are not time-critical. For example:

  • Organise carol singing dates with rest homes (and possibly Centenary Quay);
  • Update Parish development plan (or create new if out of date, and make it a joint one);
  • Coordinate Christmas card production and distribution for one or both parishes;
  • Some tasks associated with the arrangement of funerals;
  • Building the rest home rota, and other rotas as applicable;
  • Liaise with the two parish magazine editors;
  • Publicity production – posters, tickets etc.;
  • Keeping web site info up to date for St.Mark’s or supporting joint website for both Churches;
  • Setting up, maintaining and monitoring Facebook pages for both Churches;
  • Putting posters etc up around the parishes;
  • Set up parish policies and keep them up to date;
  • Maintain a “How to do” handbook;
  • Maintain stocks of printed information;
  • Assist with maintaining the Electoral roll.
  • Coordinate wedding bookings.
  • Help with/lead the improvement of parish processes (including, but not limited to the list above).

As a priority, establish good working relationships with the existing parish administrator and secretary in order to discover what they do, who the key people in the parishes are, and start taking handover from them for specific tasks including those above.

Answer the Parish Office phone and monitor an email account when on duty; provide information; take action and/or pass on messages as needed.

Provide a friendly and helpful welcome to callers at the Parish Office. Provide information as needed, in whatever form is appropriate. Represent the Churches in a positive and loving way.

Person Specification

  • Able to interact confidently and positively with many different types of people, listening well to understand/interpret people’s needs;
  • Be the “Face of the Church”: confident, intuitive, courteous, patient and helpful when meeting members of the public and working with Church volunteers;
  • Able to manage their time efficiently and prioritise tasks in order to carry out their responsibilities;
  • Quick to develop relationships, with members of the public for whom this may be their only contact with the Church, and also with members of congregation (getting to know them and lifestyle factors which affect the way they are able to volunteer);
  • Computer-literate – including use of email, MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Access, and ideally MS Excel.
  • Have a flexible approach to working with people, finding the best way to interact with each individual;
  • Able to understand the Parish Office Coordinator’s part in Church processes, seeing where they fit into the big picture, and the implications and potential impact on others of the way they carry out their responsibilities;
  • Ability to look ahead due to the part time nature of role, planning workload to meet deadlines;
  • Have a positive outlook on the role of the Parish office and the Church, and people generally, whatever their background;
  • The ideal candidate is likely to have some administrative experience;
  • Preferably a member of a Church and familiar with Church life.
  • Ability to find out and understand how parish processes work, take over where necessary, and suggest improvements.

Applications should include a CV and the completed Application Form explaining how the applicant is qualified to meet the requirements of the role. Please explain how you meet each of the person specification points and provide examples from your previous experience. Remember to present this in relation to the role description.

References will be required.

Applications to be received by Oct 22nd 2018.

Applications to be sent to: Revd Miles Newton,117 Swift Road, Woolston, Southampton SO19 9ER

or by email to:

Questions may be submitted to the email address above, or by telephone to 02380 441124 (leave a message with your contact details).

Terms and Conditions

The detailed terms and conditions will be contained in the post-holders Contract of Employment and the Staff Handbook.

The rate of pay for the Parish Office will be between £9.00 and £12.00/hour (depending on candidate skills and experience), paid monthly (or possibly 4-weekly) in arrears by direct bank transfer.

Remuneration will be reviewed annually.

There will be a six-month probationary period, at the end of which there will be an appraisal. Thereafter appraisals will take place annually. During the probationary period one week’s notice of termination of employment will be required on either side; thereafter one month’s notice on either side will be required.

As this post is on a self-employed basis there is no paid holiday entitlement. Unpaid leave should be arranged in advance with the vicar, bearing in mind the particular demands of preparation for major church festivals.

The vicar will review regularly with the post-holder duties and responsibilities and mutual concerns. Any overtime needs to be agreed in advance with the vicar and will be paid at the hourly rate.

Application-Form for Parish Office Coordinator

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