SO:Lotto We have a £250.00 winner!

Our draw on Saturday 4th December saw our first £250.00 winner!!

A massive congratulations to Mr C (from Southampton) who supports ‘a space’ arts and what a great time for a win with Christmas on the doorstep 😊

Hannah, the Venue Manager at God’s House Tower said

“We are a visual arts charity who has been supporting local artists for 20 years. We take an enterprising approach to delivering our mission of supporting visual artists and inspiring audiences while developing a portfolio of projects and culturally reanimating several Southampton buildings. Developing and nurturing artists is the golden thread that has run through our work from inception to the present day, through all of our projects and through all of the properties we inhabit from Victorian railway arch to Medieval monument.  All projects and venues offer opportunities for the visual artists and communities we serve in their own unique own way.  

We have big aspirations as an organisation, but more importantly the money we raise through SO:Lotto will fund more schemes, projects and commissions to fund local artists and provide them with more opportunities. We believe that when artistic communities flourish they make the cities we live in a better place to be”. 

At Southampton Voluntary Services, as the operator of SO:Lotto we are so excited that causes such as ‘a space’ arts are part of our Lottery community and what it means to them to be able to raise funds for their work whilst giving their supporters an opportunity to win a prize.

This is our 11th SO:LOTTO draw which has so far produced 72 winners and raised over £1,700 for Southampton good causes.

We now have 44 different community groups and charities signed up and are always open for more to join in to raise funds for their good cause.

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