Social Metrics Commission Poverty report

The Social Metrics Commission recently published report highlights evidence of rising levels of poverty across the UK. Data in its report indicates over 4 million people across the UK are trapped in deep poverty, where their income is at least 50% below the breadline, leaving them struggling every week to afford even the most basic living essentials.

The report tracks persistent and increased deprivation and hardship among children, larger families, lone parent households and pensioners: One of its starkest findings is that 7 million people, including 2.3 million children, live in poverty and have done for at least two of the previous three years.

The Social Metrics Commission was set up in 2016 to develop a new approach to measuring poverty and draws on membership from across the political spectrum, with key players including the LSE, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Legatum Institute Joseph Rowntree Foundation and YouGov.

The Commission’s data was used by the UN rapporteur, Philip Alston, in his recent poverty report which staunchly criticised government for the impact of austerity on the UK’s most vulnerable individuals and communities. Following publication of its report, the Commission has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take urgent action to tackle growing poverty and hardship. Download the report from here:

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