SO18 Big Local Grants – Receive up to £5000!

SO18 Big Local offer Small Grants in order to:

  • Increase the capacity and resilience of existing voluntary organisations
  • Maintain existing services provided through voluntary organisations which would otherwise withdraw outreach from the SO18 Big Local area
  • Support the establishment of new voluntary organisations to help people identify their problems and their own local solutions

… as long as the project meets the Big Local outcomes (see

The SO18 Big Local small grants fund offers local groups and organisations working in the SO18 Big Local area a chance to apply for funding for their projects. At present SVS help manage the grant contracts on our behalf.

Grants of between £100 and £5000 will be considered, but most requests are under £3000. Big Local would expect an application requesting more than £3000 to be of exceptional quality.

Grants so far have enabled local groups to:

  • Improve or replace equipment
  • Make improvements to the place they meet
  • Undertake a short-term project that they would otherwise not be able to consider
  • Better afford the cost of their venue

A map showing where our grants have been awarded is available here.

Big Local also invites some organisations to bid for more substantial projects that Big Local and residents have identified as particularly important. If you may be interested, please contact us to discuss this further.

The first of our Small Grants rounds in 2017 has closed, and the panel met on 8th June.  We are planning to run a second round this year, deadline 20th September.  Interested in applying? Download the Application Form 2017 and 2017 Guidance Notes here. Be aware that late applications will not be considered, see guidance notes for more detail.  **Please note, these Guidance Notes and Application form have been updated, so even if you have applied before, please make sure you read them carefully.**

Want to know more? Ask us to contact you

Quick Win Fund

As well as supporting existing groups, Big Local is also keen to see local people start new ones. To enable people to have a go, and test whether something might work, Big Local offers grants of up to £100. Requests can be made by individuals if there is no organisation supporting the initiative.

There is no closing date, and applications can be considered within 6 weeks of their receipt.

Interested in applying? Contact us!

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