Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks – Priority Service Register

Who are we?

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks are responsible for looking after and maintaining 130,000km of overhead and underground electricity cables. Our electricity distribution and transmission networks carry electricity to over 3.7 million homes and businesses across the north of the Central Belt of Scotland and to the country’s islands and also Central Southern England. Although we do everything we can to ensure the lights stay on, we sometimes face challenges which result in our network being damaged. This can sometimes lead to you losing your electricity supply temporarily.

So why do you have power cuts?

Your home receives power via overhead powerlines. Whilst these lines are a reliable method of distributing electricity across country they can occasionally be damaged by flying debris, tree branches, animals and much more.

Short power cuts, which only last for a few minutes, are a result of the network protecting itself from a major outage. We use a piece of equipment called an Auto Recloser which our engineers will install on our overhead network to prevent prolonged power outages after an object has interfered with our lines.

For instance, if a tree limb or branch is blown onto our power lines, it may cause the fuse at the local transformer to blow. However, an Auto Recloser will break the circuit before any damage is caused to the fuse. From here, the fault will quickly clear itself as the limb falls to the ground or the branch releases off the line and the circuit is put back to its original state. However, you may find that you’ll experience several power cuts over a short period of time as the tree touches the line repeatedly.

When to call

If you experience a sustained power outage and checked your fuses or trip switches, you should report the power cut. Call the national power cut Freephone number 105 so we can help you.

Extra help

We know that a power cut can be worrying or difficult for some people, that is why we offer extra help and support. We can help you more effectively, if we know in advance what extra support you might need. If you’d like to register for our free Priority Services, even if only temporarily, please call us on 0800 294 3259 or visit our website for more details;

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