My Journey – Travel Tips

My Journey

My Journey is a fantastic tool for active travel in and around Southampton. My Journey offer advice about travel choices in your area that may result in saving you time and money. You may also benefit from improved wellbeing and reduce your carbon output at the same time. As well as providing personalised travel plans for local residents, My Journey also work with schools, colleges and work places to deliver fun, community based travel challenges.

You will find their website here:

There’s also lots of free services available to help people get bikes repaired and improve cycling confidence. The planner can show people how far a journey is and how many calories they have burnt if walking or travelling by bike. You can find the planner here:

At the moment, My Journey has three case studies of people who have changed their travel behaviour which you can find here:

SVS and the partners in Southampton Healthy Living are keen to promote walking and cycling as part of promoting greater physical exercise in the city as well as it helping reducing pollution and improving air quality in the city so do get involved.

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