Movement for Good offers grants of £1000 and £50,000

Ecclesiastical has launched its Movement for Good Charity Grant event in which they are offering 500 grants of £1000 along with 10 grants of £50,000.

You can nominate one group to win £1000 designed to help them in the work they do and the services they offer. There are no restrictions on the organisations and groups that can nominated, other than they operate on a not-for-profit basis. The winners will be picked at random and nominations end on the 17 May 2019.

The ten larger grants of £50,000 are aimed at organisations that are actively championing new projects to communities in the advancement of education and skills; citizenship or community development; arts, culture or heritage.

Organisations can submit their applications from the 7 June 2019 until Friday 26 July 2019. Ecclesiastical have put together a handy guide which will help groups to prepare an overview of their charity, what they do in the community and how they would put the grant to good use.

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