Keeping Children Safe Online

Focus: Digital Footprints and Location Settings
The third instalment of this series of briefing papers focuses on digital footprints and location settings. Children and young people today are increasingly using the internet for a variety of different reasons, downloading apps, gaming sites, social media, research for school work or online shopping. With the rise in awareness around the risks of using the internet children and young people are now becoming increasingly aware of some of the dangers which they may face online. Parents, teachers, professionals and children and young people themselves are encouraging the safe use of the internet, however some dangers may not be immediately identifiable. Perpetrators are increasingly targeting children and young people by following their digital footprint as many are not aware of the implications of posting things online and the reality that information posted can be seen by lots of different people and may stay online forever. This trail of posts can be followed and tracked by those whom the information is not intended for. These digital footprints can often lead to bullying, grooming and sexual exploitation.

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