Increase in Real Living Wage announced during Living Wage Week 2019

The Living Wage Foundation has this week announced a new UK Living Wage hourly rate of £9.30 per hour, an increase of 30p per hour. The UK rate is £1.09 per hour more than the government minimum wage for over 25s, and the new London Living Wage (£10.75 per hour) is £2.54 per hour higher.

This announcement means that over 210,000 people working for almost 6,000 real Living Wage Employers throughout the country are set for a pay boost. A full-time worker paid the £9.30 real Living Wage will receive more than £2,000 in additional wages compared to current Government minimum – equivalent to 9 months of a typical family’s food and drink bill.

This year 1,500 more employers have accredited with the Living Wage Foundation and businesses and civic leaders in Salford and Cardiff have also announced ambitious plans to become the first Living Wage cities in England and Wales.

The Living Wage Foundation is calling on all major employers to step up and tackle the rising problem of low pay by committing to go beyond the government minimum and pay a wage in line with the real cost of living.

You can read more about this here and keep up to date with this week’s news on Twitter: #LivingWageWeek2019.


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