ID Open Day Planning Meeting 30.09.19

Matthew Harrison
Gail Hendy
Becky Sparks
Celia Scott-Molloy
Heidi Wheatley
Julia Ford
Kate Dench
Lara Hooker
Matt King
Mandy Burdfield

Last weeks notes:


Action Lead Complete/Comments
Book in next meeting in a months’ time Heidi Complete- booked for 30/09
Contact Peter Hull about active nation and a presentation Heidi Complete – emailed on 22/08
Contact David at Oasis Academy about size and number of tables Heidi Complete – emailed on 22/08
Contact David at Oasis Academy about use of sports hall Heidi Complete – emailed on 22/08
Contact board and city about attending open day Heidi Complete – emailed on 01/10
Add LD open to LDPB agenda Heidi Complete – 22/08
To speak to Helen in regards to PHB’s – Heidi to chase Leeanne on this Leeanne Complete – emailed on 22/08
Contact Mobiloo Heidi Complete – booking form completed online 22/08


Decided at today’s meeting not to go ahead with Mobiloo as it is just a drop in session.

Contact Gary Edwards from SARC about attending in regards to benefits and welfare Heidi Complete – emailed on 22/08
Talk to Tim in regards to hospital passports Becky Complete – Both Tim and Anna will be having a stall.
Contact Southern Health comms to get information out on Facebook, twitter etc. Becky Complete – on twitter, facebook etc
Get back in contact with SPCL about health checks on the day Becky Complete – They are happy to attend to provide information but due to the venue cannot provide health checks on the day.
To contact Steven Tolbutt and Laura Kane Andrews in regards to fire and ambulance attendance Becky Complete – Fire and police in attendance – awaiting ambulance comfirmation.
Speak to member of NPT in regards to attending event Celia Complete as above.
Contact bus companies about open day and if both want to attend to maybe do half and half Gail Both want to do full day, so Gail will email to confirm this is okay.
Contact respite services about attending Matt Complete.
Speak to Health watch about LD open day Matt .K Matt .H to chase this up with Matt
Speak with Tom-CCG, Busy People and Dr Andrew Power about LD Open Day Matt .K Matt .H to chase this up with Matt
Speak to busy people about volunteering help on the day Matt.K Complete
To chase up comms team Matt Complete
Contact care providers and day services about open day Matt Complete
To ensure the LD Open day is spoke about at the upcoming LDPB Matt Complete
Speak to Home group in regards to LD Open Day Mandy Complete
To think about housing providers Kate Complete
To contact Job Centre, Welfare in regards to Open Day Mandy Complete
Contact Shared Lives about attending Matt Complete
Contact Advocacy about attending Matt Complete
Look at Telecare attending the event Matt Complete
SEND Transition attending event Matt Complete
Sibling support and carers in Southampton attending event Matt Complete



01/10/2019 actions:

Contact Louise Ryan about DP’s attending Matt  
Contact taxi companies in regards to whether they want to attend Gail  
Ask David for map of the school – once map received use a colour code system for it Heidi Emailed 01/10
Email Liz slater – welfare rights team about attending the open day Heidi  
Book next meeting Heidi  
Ask Michael at spectrum about attending Heidi Complete 01/10
Contact David about cups Heidi Complete 01/10
Check if LD open day is on the SID Matt  
Chase Saints ability Matt  
Follow up with Shared Lives Gail  
Contact Jolly Holidays Matt  
Contact about inviting time bank Matt  
Chat with Mandy about what voluntary services and community groups to invite Gail  
Speak to Tim and Anna about UHS Comms Becky  
Put on employment supports twitter Mandy  
Speak to Vanessa about supported living leaflet Kate  
Contact Steph and Tammy at Jigsaw Matt  
Send poster to Mandy and Matt.K Heidi 31/09/2019
Chase Carers in Southampton Matt  
Ask for volunteers at LD team meeting Heidi 01/10/2019
Put together an MCA presentation? Speak with Emma Berry Jules  
Contact Rachel about effective comms Kate  
Contact pets as therapy Gail  
Invite/contact club nights Gail