How your Winter Fuel Payment could help others



Local charity Age UK Southampton is reminding people born on or before 5 August 1953 that they could get between £100 and £300 from the Government to help pay their heating bills. This is known as the ‘Winter Fuel Payment’, which older people will receive automatically – however, if you don’t get a payment, you can check your eligibility at and you have until 31 March 2018 to claim for this winter.

Peter Bennie, Chief Officer at the charity said “This payment, for many older people, can make the difference between buying food, or turning the heating on and it is vital that all those who can claim this payment, do so. We have a free booklet on Keeping Warm and Well in winter, which we would be happy to send out and also have a trained team who can help with a confidential benefits check and filling in claim forms – just call us on 023 8036 8636 for more information or an appointment.

Peter added “We are also asking anyone who receives the automatic winter fuel payment who maybe doesn’t need the money to consider donating it to our charity; our Information & Advice team supported more than 1,600 older people last year, and made it possible for older people in Southampton to claim over £360,000 in unclaimed benefits. However, it costs us around £50 a time to provide this service, so one donation of £200 would pay for a support session for four clients.”


For more information on how to donate your winter fuel payment contact Age UK Southampton on 023 8036 8636, email or visit our website