HIWCF New Website www.hiwcf.com – & Comic Relief – Core Strength – Local Communities Fund now Open

Please note that HIWCF now has a new website www.hiwcf.com please do take a look when you get a moment.

The Comic Relief – Core Strength – Local Community Fund is now OPEN, for online grant applications of between £1,000-£10,000, for groups across the whole of Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

Grants will be awarded to groups that can make a sustained beneficial impact on people’s lives who are excluded or disadvantaged, through low income, rural or social isolation, age, disabilities, race, sexuality or gender. Priority is to be given to small, locally based groups or organisations in areas of disadvantage that have a clear understanding of the needs of their community and are undertaking actions as a means of addressing these needs.

The deadline for all applications is Friday 29th September 2017.

Please click here to see if your organisation may be eligible and check the criteria on: http://www.hiwcf.com/funds/comic-relief/

We look forward to receiving your application.

Many thanks,


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