HIWCF Grants Now Available

Please be advised that the following four funds are currently open for grant applications, please apply before 23rd August 2019 via our website: www.hiwcf.com/grants/

Hampshire Old Industrial & Reformatory Schools provides grants of up to £500 for those who have been in care with Hampshire County Council and are seeking further education. The fund aims to help the development of 18-25 year olds who can demonstrate that they wish to study to the standard of A’ Level, BTEC, NVQ3, Higher Education or Degree level qualifications etc. The grant will cover items such as course equipment or driving lessons where a person has suitable qualifications and the use of a vehicle is essential in obtaining work.

Dayas Music Scholarship awards grants of up to £600 to enable musicians to undertake studies or projects in connection with composition, conducting, instrumental performance, singing etc, particularly for older individuals in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.  Grants will cover tuition costs allowing musicians to progress their abilities, particularly where this will benefit the community such as performances in hospitals or schools, or at other community events.

Michael Austin Harlick Sports Awards grants of up to £1,000 are available to organisations providing sporting opportunities for young people of school age in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. Acceptable projects include the purchase of challenge cups, shields, medals and certificates for sporting competitors.

Red Funnel has established a transport support scheme to support voluntary and community groups based on the Isle of Wight and Hampshire. The scheme can help groups by contributing towards travelling across the Solent on Red Funnel vehicle ferries and Red Jet services. Please note, this fund remains open until 29th November 2019.

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