Hands of Love – Merchant Navy Commemoration

Saturday 2nd September 2017 at The Guildhall Square


Our Port Horizon project has discovered that the ancestors of Southampton’s Black & Minority Communities in Southampton who were Merchant Navy seaman sacrificed a great deal during World War One & World War Two.  Among their contributions, they ensured  vital wartime supplies and support from friendly nations reached Britain. These are the legacies of port cities like Southampton – but those stories are not often heard or shared.

Unity 101 Community Radio and the Port Horizon project have arranged a gathering to acknowledge the contributions of our forefathers in the British Merchant Navy and all the people from the Police, Fire and Ambulance The event is not a celebration of war, neither a replacement for Merchant Navy Day. It will be Southampton’s first BME, multi-faith, “thank you”.

It will take place at Guildhall Square from 12.30pm, on Saturday 2nd September 2017. Complimentary food will be provided by four local faith groups. It is hoped people of all ethnicities and faiths will join us to commerate those we have lost and to say: “Thank you, you are not forgotten and we will not allow history to forget what you did, and share the hand of love.”

Running order for the event:

  • Events open – 12.30pm
  • Master of Ceremony – Sangeeta Barbara from ITV Meridian
  • Mayor of Southampton Councillor Les Harris
  • Deputy Lord Lieutenant  Rear Admiral Iain Henderson CB CBE DL
  • Merchant Navy Welfare Board CEO David Parsons
  • Superintendent Alison Heydari from Hampshire Constabulary
  • Assistant Chief Officer Stew Adamson  from Hampshire Fire Rescue Service
  • John Richards, Chief Officer, Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Ravi Parmar – Chair of Southampton Council of Faiths
  • Common prayer  
  • Share Hand of Love with person next to you
  • Poem by Bob Purkis MBE
  • Share food donated by Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Muslim faiths

Close 2pm