Furniture giveaway

As part of the Smart Ways of Working Project, in Summer 2019, SCC will be replacing a wide range of furniture from the Civic Centre. This will include the replacement of desks (large curved), bookcases, filing cabinets, lockable storage cabinets and office chairs.

To reduce waste, we are looking to offer this furniture to different council departments and schools, as well as other non-profit organisations. We are not able to move or store furniture, so if you register interest you will be contacted with a specific date and location to recover your item and will be asked for ID to ensure that the furniture is going to the council or non-profit organisations.

Although we will not give away any broken items, we cannot guarantee the condition or cleanliness. Items will be together in a holding area on the date and so they will be first come first serve. To register your interest, please contact Loretta Emery with details of your requirements including which items of furniture and the department, school or non-profit organisation it will be used for.


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