Funding COVID-19 Community Response: Awareness & Engagement

Closing date: Midday on 30th October 2020

Southampton City Council has developed a COVID-19 Engagement Innovation Fund to support community projects that increase community awareness, engagement and compliance with key COVID-19 public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 transmission, and/or improve outcomes following infection with COVID-19.

The Fund seeks to support projects that have good reach with local residents, and targets any of the following groups:
• groups in which prevalence of COVID-19 is highest (i.e. currently young people aged 18-30, though prevalence could increase in other groups as well);
• groups that are more clinically vulnerable to the severe symptoms of COVID-19;
• harder to reach groups such as those whose first language is not English. A ‘one-off’ grant of up to £2,000 is available.

However, the amount of grant money available for each project can potentially be increased in specific circumstances, where it is evidenced that increased funding would extend the reach of the project. Projects should aim to start within 2 months of receiving funding, and be complete by the end of March 2021.

Please note, the Innovation fund is not to available to provide capital expenditure to make venues and environments COVID-19 secure, for which there is a separate fund.
Applications are not accepted from schools, further and higher education establishments, regardless of how they are funded (Local Education Authority trusts, privately funded, etc.), or from statutory agencies, such as the Local Authority, police, or health.

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