FREE TRAINING OFFER: Street Doctors (Young People – Weapons Awareness)

A unique training offer has become available for schools, youth groups or officers working with groups of young people in and around Southampton. They will support our efforts to raise young people’s awareness of the risks involved with the use of weapons, knife crime and harm reduction.  StreetDoctors teach young people emergency life-saving skills; providing highly interactive, informative and impactful sessions to groups of young people (aged 12 to 25) that deal with the effects of weapons, such as knives, by equipping young people with the practical skills to respond in a medical emergency. This public health approach to harm reduction has a proven track record and research demonstrates significant reduction in weapons use in those areas where young people have taken part.

The Home Office has resourced 25 sessions for delivery by March 2018 to groups in and around Southampton and will be delivered by StreetDoctors medical student/doctor volunteers.


The sessions are themed as:

  • A bleeding or an unconscious session last an hour when run separately. Young people learn how to manage blood loss, the recovery position, delivery of CPR and how to call an ambulance.
  • StreetDoctors can deliver the two sessions together (but will last up to 2hrs) known as a joint session and this uses 2 of the available 25 sessions.


They can be delivered together or separately, as is practicable, and by arrangement with StreetDoctors.


Sessions are typically delivered in a classroom or workshop setting, aiming for 10-15 young people attending. Larger numbers can be accommodated but would be split up into small group sizes to maintain quality of learning for young people. Staff members must be present. Evenings after 17:30 are preferable, but some sessions on Wednesday afternoons may be possible, as are Saturdays with advance notice.

We anticipate demand for these sessions to be high and we would encourage contact is made with StreetDoctors as soon as possible, to discuss your requirements and to secure access to this resource.


StreetDoctors Medical Director: or 07763 457712

StreetDoctors Southampton team:






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