FREE Energy Advice Training from Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is currently offering free sessions until the end of March on how to better manage gas and electricity bills.  We are reaching out proactively to various groups/organisations who work with the public, and who may be able to recognise vulnerable members of their community who require help.

We offer group sessions to frontline workers. These are designed to be training events, so people leave with all the information and skills they need to identify vulnerable or fuel-poor consumers, and how to reduce energy bills themselves.

Frontline worker sessions can be run virtually (via Skype). Depending on attendee numbers, we can also arrange face to face sessions of 10-15 minutes at the end/beginning of team meetings, or full hour-long training sessions to give your team the best information. We would also make sure the team were aware of how best to refer any clients into the service or to another relevant organisation.

Topics covered in both instances include:

– cheaper gas and electricity deals with suppliers through switching

– improving the energy efficiency of the home through no cost and low-cost measures

– claiming support and grants, for example, new boilers and insulation or the Warm Home Discount

– managing debt and bill queries

– the good and bad of different types of meter and tariff

– what else Citizens Advice can help with

For more information please contact Kasia Falenta at:

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