Fill in the ‘Ideas For Wellbeing’ Mental Health Questionnaire

Touch Network, in association with Healthwatch Southampton, are excited to be undertaking a piece of research, entitled ‘Ideas for Wellbeing’, it is a joint heath and social care initiative.

Southampton Integrated Commissioning Unit would like to know what helps the people who live here to stay well and have better days, as well as how best they can spend the money they have to support this.

They are asking this because they want people in Southampton to feel as mentally and emotionally well as they can, and to be a City that gives you the best chance of living the life you want. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard, and to share to your thoughts with us about what helps you stay well.

We would love to your know your thoughts, whether you or someone you know have used mental health services, if you have support from your GP for your mental health challenges, or if you have never accessed support for mental health! Mental health is important to all of us and we would like to hear from as many people as possible.

Please visit our website to fill in the questionnaire at We would appreciate you sharing this with volunteers, friends, and colleagues so we are able to gather opinions and ideas from as many people as possible.

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