Creating effective digital content

Experts predict a sizeable shift towards video content as a form of marketing, socialising and engaging online. If that’s the case, why not get ahead of the game and start creating plenty of video content to push your campaign today? Aside from being a faster and easier way for the public to engage with your campaign material, video and image content is also free to capture using a smartphone!

Just remember, that powerful images and insightful videos can only do so much. You must merge these with strong, emotive and informative copy to support them. Content online varies from words you’d read in a book or in a magazine, so you need to be aware of the differences to maximise on its potential. Online content needs to be punchy, short and powerful.

Readers typically devote less time to reading online, so avoid longwinded sentences, incomprehensible paragraphs and difficult words. Place a strong key message — such as the taglines: ‘Likes don’t save lives’ from UNICEF Sweden or ‘Help is a four-legged word’ from Canine Companions — next to a striking image, to increase your chances of engagement.

Although you might be dealing with hard-hitting issues, digital copy must retain a chatty, familiar tone at all times. A light-hearted persona is key if you want people to carry on reading — nobody wants a lecture when they’re scrolling through Twitter or reading their emails during a break.


Getting additional funding

If you choose to get extra funding, here are a few options:

  • Local government: browse a list of local authorities for more information on funding across the UK.
  • Public: according to Company Giving, funds from the general public account for about 35% of voluntary sector income.
  • Business: since donating boosts goodwill and staff morale, corporate donations are growing in popularity.
  • Lottery: nearly 30% of lottery ticket sales are donated to charities.

Achieving your marketing potential using digital tactics is a tough, but reachable goal. If your charity has little cash to spare, follow these digital marketing tips to help cut the costs of creating a successful campaign.