Consultation: The future definition of public service mutuals

We’ve launched a consultation on the future definition of public service mutuals. The government believes that the contribution that public service mutuals can make to public services can be strengthened by creating a more robust definition and brand identity. The benefits of a clear definition will be:

  • To strengthen the integrity of the concept of ‘public service mutuals’. Doing this will give public service commissioners and broader stakeholders increased confidence that mutuals represent the values government wants to see in public service delivery.
  • Provide greater clarity for social sector organisations on what the organisational requirements are in order to be considered a public service mutual.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of the mutuals model, informing decisions about who delivers public services.

The consultation is open until 30 September, and we welcome contributions from all who have an interest in shaping the future of how public services are delivered.

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