Children’s Sailing Regatta – Nominations Needed

Sailing Regatta – Children’s Community Cup (18.9.18)

As part of our campaign to make Southampton a Child Friendly City we have been offered an opportunity for children aged 13 to 17 who experienced disadvantaged or overcome adversity to take part in a Sailing Regatta as part of the City’s Inaugural Community Cup on Tuesday 18th September 2018.    This event is being run by the Yacht Market who are event sponsors for the Southampton Boat Show, Europe’s largest on water exhibition.

The event is intended to become an annual event which will be an important legacy for the city and important marker in our desire to run Child Friendly events.

The event is being sponsored by a range of marine industries and will be a five star experience for the children

We have been offered 50 Golden tickets for children aged 13 to 17, who have experience disadvantage or overcome adversity to take part in the event that will be sponsored by the industry and is a once in a life time opportunity.

The tentative time table of the day  (subject to change or weather) will be:

8.30    Breakfast at Harbour Hotel (Ocean Village)

9.30   Meet the crew and yacht orientation

10.00  Head out onto the water for training and start of regatta

12.30  Lunches on board

13.00   Post lunch regatta

15.30  Head back to Ocean Village and potentially be transported to Boat Show for awards and celebration

Children and their supporting carer will then have an opportunity to explore the boat show if they wish if practicable.

As time is short it is necessary to ask that the children you believe may be suitable for the event are nominated asap and details sent to me by return of email confirming the information needed below.

  • Name and age of the child and year group they will be moving into in September (they must be 13 at the start of the new academic year)
  • Name of parent and home address so we can send supporting correspondence
  • Confirmation that the child resides in Southampton and/or is a Child Looked After by the local authority
  • Brief reasons for why you believe that they would benefit from taking part in this event
  • A contact within your setting or service who will:
    • Be able to receive and respond to communications
    • Be able to liaise with the child’s family before the end of school term to agree tentative engagement with the event
    • We would also ask that the parent/carer is made known and that their agreement for their child to take part has been secured
  • Any diversity issues that the event organisers will need to be aware of
  • Staffing or carer support you can provide for the child (if you believe it will be needed)
  • Confirmation that arrangements for transport to and from the event can be put in place (Start at Ocean Village and end at Boat Show)
  • If not please indicate whether some support would be needed or helpful

NB – we are open to groups of children being nominated – the maximum number per boat is likely to be 8, with staff plus 2 crew.

We are able to advise on any attendance coding issues if unsure.

Also some nominations may not be made by schools, particularly for children who are looked after, but instead by their social worker or Virtual School – we will be seeking the support of the child’s school to allow their release for the event.

Before nominating you will need to discuss the offer with the child’s parent and be confident that you are happy for the child to be released from your school or setting.  It may be necessary to support the nominee by sending along a staff member or indicating to us that you anticipate some help may be needed such as with transport on the day.

Close of Nominations for is 5pm on Friday 20th July – we can receive nominations after if made, but will be prioritising those that are made first due to the practicalities involved.

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