Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Hub, the team will be transforming into a Missing, Exploitation and Trafficking (MET) Hub.

Southampton Children’s Services are pleased to inform you that building on the success of the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Hub, the team will be transforming into a Missing, Exploitation and Trafficking (MET) Hub. The team will be undertaking missing return interviews and delivering direct work to young people who are at risk of exploitation.

Barnardo’s have been delivering the Miss U & U Turn Services in Southampton but Southampton City Council have decided to end the contract with Barnardo’s and the services they have been delivering will now be undertaken by the MET Hub. We want to say a massive thank you to Barnardo’s for the services and support they have delivered to young people in Southampton.

Missing Service:
Every Southampton young person (under 18) who is reported missing will be offered a return interview – this is an opportunity to meet with a MET Hub worker & talk to them about why they went missing and help them think about what could help to keep them safe and reduce further missing episodes.
Our overall goal is to help young people be as safe as possible, and to find alternatives to going missing. We will try to do this by working together with them and other professionals or services to make sure the support they need is put in place.

Exploitation Service:
Support and undertake direct work with young people (under 18) identified as at risk of exploitation. We aim to build a supportive, trusting relationship with the young person and together think about what support they want or need. We will provide opportunities to think about their safety and wellbeing, to explore situations & their experience to think about relationships around them. We will also support young people to think about the options and support available to them, which may help them feel safer and happier.

Support and advice is also available to the parents / carers of young people.
Professional support, Training & Awareness Raising:

The MET Hub will continue to offer advice, guidance and consultation to professionals, as well as training and awareness raising workshops for children, young people, parents, community groups.

You can contact us:
By email:
By phone: 023 8083 3336 asking to speak to a member of the MET Hub

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