Bridge2Work Programme






Bridge2Work Programme – Paid work placements for local people – no salary cost
Wheatsheaf Trust is keen to talk to local voluntary sector organisations who would be interested in supporting a local unemployed person whilst having additional support in their organisation for up to 6 months.
All that we ask is that you give a local unemployed person the chance to prove themselves in your business whilst we pick up the wages. Ideally there is a job offer made at the end of the period, but that is not a requirement, the quality of the opportunity and the experience people gain are the key elements.
Typically the people we support have been out of work, or in the case of young people may never have had the chance to work, due to a variety of issues that could befall anyone. Health conditions including physical problems following injury, disability, mental health problems or personal crises are often triggers for periods of unemployment that it becomes increasingly hard to escape from without help.
As a local charity we recognise the supportive culture that exists within many voluntary sector organisations so would love to hear from those organisations that could provide a supportive environment for someone looking to get their career on track.
For more information please contact Duncan Breckell at Wheatsheaf Trust by email – or call 023 8023 7662.

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