Bitterne Litter Team

Hi all

Although the COVID-19 restrictions are now being made less rigorous, I am not prepared to start up the fabulous Bitterne Litter Team until the New Year at the earliest.

This is a personal view but I feel that relaxation is being undertaken too early and as many of the team, as I am,  are in the ‘At Risk’ (we are definitely not ‘Vulnerable’) category, I just think that we should bide our time and see what the colder weather brings.  The nature of our group means that we do gather in close proximity at the beginning and end of the litter pick.

I would also have to make sure that all the kit was disinfected which will put me at risk and be extremely onerous.

I am personally undertaking litter picks in my area.  If anyone wants to borrow hi-vis, rings, and litter pickers, I will be happy to supply them.

I believe I am being sensible but if anyone has any views on this, please let me know.

David Eddy

Organiser 07762479813

Charities, Environmental