Beds, Begging & Business Follow Up Meeting

The initial conference of Beds, Begging and Business took place in January with many stakeholders and interested people working together to tackle issues of street homelessness as well as aggressive begging in the city. The conference looked at the key issues, considered different perspectives and started to identify joint action and possible solutions. Task groups were set up to take forward the highest priority issues.

The follow up meeting to the conference is set for Thursday 19 April from 3.30 – 7.30 pm and is the first opportunity to hear progress from the task groups and will include:

  • Showcase the progress on the Southampton website on
  • Agree a Southampton Charter
  • Update on mapping of provision by faith communities
  • Update on bed provision including move-on accommodation
  • An opportunity to continue group discussions

We do hope you will be able to participate in this jointly planned event, or if you are unable to attend that you will identify a relevant colleague from your organisation to do so as it is important that we have all sectors views reflected.  Please book in to the conference using the eventbrite link below: