Administrative Assistant ‘Creative Options Community Project’

Project Administrative assistant

Responsible to:-

Charity Trustees

Reports to:-

Trustees and Project Manager

Responsible for:

Supporting the Project Trustees, Staff, volunteers and members, with all aspects of administrative work.


To read and thoroughly understand the Constitution of the Charity and abide by its requirements.

To read and have working knowledge of all the policies pertaining to Creative Options and agree to abide by those policies.


To fully understand the requirements of the child and adult safeguarding policy and adhere to the requirements of that policy.   To report and record concerns accordingly to the safeguarding officer where required.

Financial Management

To make purchases as required by the Project Leader and submit receipts for the same.

To adhere to the budget as required by the Project Leader.

Resource Management

To manage the Creative Options office.

To communicate with the Trustees, staff, volunteers and members of the project by means of telephone, text messages, e-mail as appropriate.

To be available to run the office on three days per week on a flexible basis.

To provide hospitality and a welcome to visiting colleagues, trustees, staff, volunteers and members.

To deal with inquires from colleagues and the general public about the project.

To liaise, on behalf of the Trustees and staff, with our colleagues with whom we collaborate and especially the Southampton Mental Health Network.

To keep the office diary making an accurate record of dates and appointments, meetings etc.,  on behalf of the Trustees and staff.

To support the Chair of Trustees and provide administrative support as required.

To liaise with the current book-keeper regarding any further administration required relating to the finances.

To welcome members who may come to the office and provide them hospitality and friendship and dealing with any enquiries they may have.

To encourage and support members in their volunteering roles by enabling them to do small tasks, ie. Photocopying, filing, flyer distribution, addressing envelopes etc., and dealing with inquiries.

To liase with the Project Leader and Activity Organiser regarding the programme and prepare such documentation on behalf of the project leader when a new programme is required.

To prepare such documentation as is required by the Trustees, staff, volunteers

Preparation of agendas and typing up of minutes of Trustees meetings and, where required to support the member’s meetings.

Typing up of notes/minutes as required by the Trustees

Producing written information for special events :- desk-top publishing of flyers and information sheet.

Liasing with ‘Hope’ workshop for desk-top publishing when required i.e. flyers, brochures etc.

To provide administrative support to  the activity assistant/tutor at ‘Hope’ workshop

Preparing the documentation for the end of each month including:-

Activity log

Monthly return

Incident log (safeguarding)

Travel log and travel claim forms

Hours sheets

Membership forms and guidelines

And preparing these and putting them in each staff members/volunteer’s file ready for the staff meeting.

To supply such documentation as is required to the Project leader and staff i.e.

Documentation as above.


To receive and check all documentation that is submitted each month and put the paperwork in the relevant files.

To manage the office files including:-


Funding streams files

Individual files for paperwork i.e. activity logs, transport logs etc.

To provide any documentation that is necessary as requested by the Trustees, staff, volunteers and members.

Keeping the policies updated and making any alterations as required according to the instructions of the Trustees.

Responsible for liasing with appropriate colleagues/agencies with regards to staff training opportunities – making bookings i.e. for first-aid training, food hygiene training, safeguarding as required by the Trustees and/or Project Leader.

Responsibility for the tidiness of resources and safe storage of equipment in the office.

Financial Management

To ensure that the monthly returns are filled out properly and the income and expenditure records are recorded.

To gather the monies from the small group leaders at the end of each month and the monies from the Project Leader.

To fill out the payment record for the bank and to administrate petty cash for the Project leader and all group leaders.

To ensure the bank ledger and petty cash ledgers are completed each month ready to submit to the book-keeper who will enter them on Sage..

To make purchases as required by the project leader and submit receipts.

Record keeping

To Keep the register of attendees and the membership forms in alphabetical order in the locked filing cabinet

To keep the electronic record of members and advise the Project leader weekly of anyone who needs follow up according to the person’s preferences i.e. every three weeks or whatever they have requested.

To contact members as per Project leader’s request and where required remove the data and file in the archives.

To remove people’s data upon being requested to do so, if they have no attended for 6 months and place in the archive.

To inform the Project leader of the wish of any members who have communicated that they no longer want to attend the project and do not give their permission to retain the data.

To remove and destroy members personal data upon their request to cease membership and their instructions not to retain their information. (as per GDPR regulations)

To ensure that new information on members is recorded and kept accurately and kept inside the locked cabinet.

To ensure that the electronic records are kept up to date and in accordance with the GDPR regulations.

In case of a safeguarding matter record accurately the concern raised and report concerns directly to the safeguarding officer immediately.

To organise meetings at the office when required and arrange the furniture and hospitality etc.

Interpersonal Skills

To foster good relationships between Trustees, staff, volunteers, members  and encourage mutual support


To help the Trustees, Project Leader, staff and volunteers in their fund-raising plans and to provide such support as is required.

This may include:-

Distribution of flyers and brochures for ‘Hope’ workshop

Supporting the Project leader, staff and volunteers with their fund-raising strategy by administrating the documentation as required i.e:-

Preparation of meeting minutes, action points, job lists etc.,

Preparation of flyers and other communications as required.

Skills required:-


  • DBS clearance (enhanced)* (* this can be arranged by the project)
  • A thorough working knowledge of microsoft word, excel and office including power point.
  • Good computer skills including internet searching, skype and social media.
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Organisational ability
  • Hospitable
  • Good social skills – approachable and friendly


  • Understanding of the needs of people with special needs and specifically those with mental health issues
  • Experience of working with people
  • Practical Ability
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ability to think laterally
  • resourcefulness
  • Ability to draw people together and foster mutual co-operation and support
  • Ability to equip and encouraging others
  • patience
  • Personal experience of mental health issues either from a work perspective and/or lived experience
  • Ability to drive
  • Previous experience of running an office.
  • Experience of working with people


Hours required for the Administration staff

Funding is being sought for 6 hours a week initially, hoping that, in future, this may possibly increase.


‘Creative Options Community Project’ is a voluntary organisation and does not make enough money to pay a salary.  The post is, therefore, is reliant on grant funding allocated for paid workers.


The post will be initially funded at £9.00 per hour.  Funding will be sought for an extended time of a further time period of 1 year at a time.  The role is paid for 52 weeks of the year and includes 6 weeks holiday pay pro-rata.  The project is closed over bank holidays.  However, the payment does cover bank holidays and the two weeks the project is closed over the Christmas period, (usually two weeks – closed Christmas week and the 1st week of January) and 1 week at Easter.


The initial contract is up until and including 31st May 2020 and is renewable, depending on grant funding.  As the post is paid weekly, one week’s notice is required by the employee.  The charity will give at least three months notice of the termination of the post once further grant funding is obtained for the next set period.  Usually, grants are for up at least 1 year at a time and renewable.

Role Advertisement:-

The role will be advertised for this post initially through the CMHT’s Solent Mind, NHS, City Council and voluntary sector organisations.

The role will then be advertised publically in the newspaper and the jobcentre

Interested parties should apply to the Trustees in the first instance by contacting Frances Heather on 07850189069 or

Practical Assessment

Potential candidates may be asked to come in and asked to do a practical task in the office to demonstrate their skills.

Interview Panel:-

An informal interview will take place at which the following people will be on the panel.

Two Trustee on the board – chairperson and one other.

The current project leader

The decision on who to appoint will be made after thorough discussion with the interview panel. The candidates will all be informed of the decision of the panel within three days of the conclusion of the interviews.  The successful candidate will have confirmation of appointment by letter within 10 days of the interview.


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