£20 million to tackle loneliness

Recently central government announced £20 million worth of funding for supporting and expanding programmes that bring people together and are proving to benefit communities.

This includes the People’s Postcode Lottery spending £5 million topping up existing grants it has given to projects that combat loneliness and the Health Lottery will give out £4 million to charities that work to improve social links in disadvantaged areas.

The big news though is a new £11 million ‘Building Connections Fund’ to be run by the Big Lottery Fund (funded by Big Lottery, the Co-op Foundation and the government) for projects that can help bring communities together.

“This will help make the most of local spaces, opening them up for community use, as well as help businesses and local services combat isolation. It will also fund projects that use technology to link those in remote areas and help improve transport connections to make face-to-face contact easier. It will support groups to understand the impact of their work and share best practice about how to prevent loneliness.”

The new fund will be launched in July and run until December 2019. Keep an eye on the Big Lottery Fund website for more information and we’ll also update you in the next newsletter.

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