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St George’s Day Grants

The St George’s Day  Grant is a one-off grant to support community events held to celebrate St George’s Day ( 23rd April 2017) or in the week in which it falls  Mon 17h – Sun 23rdth April with events in Southampton.

Our aim is to bring communities together to celebrate our country’s national day, to explore what it means to be English in our modern multicultural communities and to get to know one another.  This could be with a community lunch or activity day, for example.  We are particularly interested in events that will bring different groups of people together – such as people who are different ages or from different backgrounds.

To help you do this Southampton Voluntary Services and Southampton City Council are offering a contribution of up to £100 towards the costs of each event your organisation is holding.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 2nd March at 5pm and we will notify you of the outcome and pay you before Christmas.

The application process:

Submit your application by 5pm on Thursday 2nd March 2017

We assess your application and tell you the decision

Successful applicants, return your signed grant agreement, and we will pay your grant by cheque or BACS

Hold your event between 17- 23rd April 2017

Send us a photo of your event with the completed short Monitoring form by 03.05.17

Who can apply?

  • Voluntary, Not-for-profit or Faith groups for non-religious community events can apply for single or multiple events (e.g. East and West of the city events) with up to £100 available for each event in Southampton.
  • Applications are not accepted from schools, further and higher education establishments, regardless of how they are funded (LEA, trusts, privately funded, etc.) nor from statutory agencies, such as the police, health or local authorities
  • Social enterprises are welcome to apply providing the event could not be considered part of their core business. It is expected that established social enterprises will be generating income to fund their core business, and therefore this is not eligible for funding from St George’s Day Grants.

What can be funded?

We will consider any reasonable items needed to organise and run a successful community event e.g.

  • Venue hire
  • Hire of equipment, such as tables/chairs, play or sports equipment, PA systems
  • Insurance - groups must ensure they have appropriate public liability and insurance particularly for equipment such as bouncy castles
  • Publicity/promotion materials, such as posters and flyers
  • Decorations, such as bunting
  • Transport costs within the city for people who would otherwise find it difficult to attend due to limited mobility (contribution only, users must also contribute)
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Applicants should demonstrate that members/attendees make contributions towards the event. E.g. attendees bringing food to share or charging 50p for activities but should take into account the financial circumstances of their members/attendees.

What can’t be funded?

  • Events that do not celebrate St George’s Day, do not happen between 17- 23rd April 2017 or are outside of Southampton.
  • All food and drink – it is expected that attendees will contribute by bringing and sharing food and drink
  • Items that mainly benefit individuals
  • Websites, including domain names, design and hosting (there are many free options available)
  • Salaries for staff directly employed by you
  • Political or religious activities
  • Trips or expeditions including Coaches/transport to places outside the city and entry costs

Standard Grants Criteria

Applications will normally only be considered from properly constituted, locally based voluntary groups and organisations that:-

Are properly constituted and can demonstrate that their practices and structures are representative of all relevant interests and are clearly accountable to users, beneficiaries and members.

Can demonstrate the proper conduct of their officers both general and financial and that they keep proper books of accounts together with full written records indicating how any grant monies are used.

Adhere to all equalities legislation and work in line with Southampton Voluntary Services’ Equality Policy

Can demonstrate the involvement of volunteers in their activities.

Have appropriate policies in place to ensure safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

Are of direct benefit to the residents of Southampton. Groups whose activities extend beyond the boundaries of the City or who provide services to people who are not resident in Southampton will be expected to seek contributions from funding sources in those areas that benefit from their work.

Guidance for Applications

Estimates / quotes from an external source

These could be a written quote from a supplier (on headed paper or an email), a page from a catalogue, a price leaflet, a link to an item for sale on a website or if it’s something you pay for regularly you could use a recent invoice or receipt.  Please try to provide 3 if possible.

Please plan properly and have a realistically costed budget to run your event. For example, if you only ask us for £100 to put on an event which ends costing £500 and you have no other funds you will run into problems?  List all the costs you anticipate and how these will be covered. e.g.

Bad Item/activity examples

Decoration - £10

Venue hire - £50

Printing costs - £40

Good Item/activity examples

Bunting and balloons - £10 (after 15% discount offered by local shops Balloons)

Venue hire for 3 hours - £50     (e.g. ABC community centre hire @ £x per hour)

Printing posters & flyers - £40 (quotes from QWIK print £40, Fast print £55, Goldleaf print £60)

Please give us your bank account details so we can pay your group by BACS or supply a recent bank statement to show that you have a bank account in the group’s name ( we are unable to pay grants to individual’s bank accounts)

Please explain how your event will bring people together. 

The main aim of this funding is to bring people together who perhaps wouldn’t normally socialise together.  This might be people from different ethnic communities, different age groups or areas of the city for example.  You should try to make your event as accessible as possible and try to attract people who don’t normally attend your events.

Please give us as much detail as you can to help us understand what you aim to do at your event, with whom and how many.  e.g.

Bad example:

“We would like a grant to hold a community lunch.”

Good example:

 “We would like a grant to hold a community lunch on 23rd April at ABC hall and need support for the costs of the venue and bunting.  We want to bring together the different communities who live in our area especially the older people at Golden Home and young families from Kiddies Playgroup. We expect 35 people will attend”

Advice for Applicants

If you have any problems with filling in the form (left), or have any questions about the grant. SVS will be happy to help.

Contact Auran Sood, Funding & Fundraising Development Worker:


T: 023 8021 6013