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One of Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS) key aims is to represent the voluntary and community sector’s views and concerns to Southampton’s public bodies.

We have agreed a set of Guidelines for Representation which sets out some key principles and the role of Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS), individual representatives and voluntary and community organisations. The Guidelines were approved at the Community and Voluntary Sector Network Conference held on 1st October 2005 and noted by the Southampton Partnership at its meeting on 29th November 2005.

View the Guidelines for Representation of the Voluntary and Community Sector (Word document) (or PDF document).

Multi-Agency Strategic Groups that Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS) represents the sector on.

Adult Protection Committee AS
Anti-Poverty Forum RK
Balance of Care Project Board AS
Children & Young Peoples Strategic Partnership JA
Children’s & Young Peoples Voluntary Organisations Alliance PL
Children’s Fund Partnership Board PL
Common Assessment Framework Steering Group LE
Connexions Voluntary Sector Steering Group PL
Common Assessment Framework Strategic Group LE
Compact Steering Group JA
Drug & Alcohol Referral Group RK
Drug and Alcohol Action Team RK
Early Years Development and Childcare Partnerships PL
EYDCP working group: Consultation and Information PL
FIS – Focused Implementation Site Steering Group RK
FOG – Funding Opportunities Group LE
H20, Salvation Army Advisory Group JS
Health & Wellbeing Partnership Board RK
Housing Partnerships JA
Later Years Partnership AS
LearningNet Consortium  
Local Implementation Team – Mental Health RK
Mental Health Local Implementation Group RK
New Communities Strategic Group JA
Parenting and Family Support Strategy Development Group
Physical Disability Strategy Group AS
Regeneration Executive JA
Safe City Partnership JA
Southampton City Council Accommodation Forum JS
Southampton City Council Vulnerable Adult Core Group AS
Southampton European Network AS
Southampton Partnership JA
Sure Start Reference Group PL
Thornhill & You Youth Advisory Group CH
Voluntary, Indep. and Private Social Care Training Forum
AS Auran Sood
JA Jo Ash
JS Julie Marron
LE Louise Evans
PL Phil Lee
RK Rob Kurn

To find out more please contact the member of staff involved.

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